How to Install Chrome Offline (Download full Chrome Installer)

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There are times when we need to install Google Chrome offline. Normally when we install Chrome it will download small installer file. When we run this file it will start downloading the actual Chrome file (about 46 MB).

With this installation type we will need internet connection when installing Chrome.
If installing on a computer that don’t have internet connection this will become a problem. We need a full offline installer file where we can install Google Chrome without connecting to the internet.

How To Install Chrome Offline

Google may think why we need to install Chrome offline after all we will need internet when working with Chrome.
I agree with their assumption but sometimes we need offline installer for faster process or we found condition where installation process is without internet.

Thankfully Google think about this also so they provide link to offline installation process.

Installing Chrome offline (Chrome offline installer)

Google Chrome 32 bit single user about 40 MB
Google Chrome 32 bit all user about 40 MB
Google Chrome 64 bit single user about 46 MB
Google Chrome 64 bit all user about 46 MB

Single user if you need to install only for specific user so not available to other user. All user is when a computer used by many users. Usually a computer is used by one user.

You will see the same windows as with online installer, but when you start download it will download full installer file.

download google chrome full - How To Install Chrome Offline

How to check your computer whether 32 bit or 64 bit

From control panel double click System, you will see basic information about your computer. You will know whether your system is 32 or 64 bit. In the example below your system is 64 bit. I downloaded Google Chrome 64 bit edition to match my system. If you have 64 bit processor like intel i5 better you install 64 bit operating system you can maximize PC’s computing power.

32 bit or 64 bit - How To Install Chrome Offline

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