Install Antivirus Program to Increase Productivity

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Before we discussing how by installing antivirus can increase your productivity we must first know what is the virus, how do they work and how to overcome problem arise by systems that already infected by virus.

Productivity relation with installing Antivirus

It is very clear that when your computer system performance degraded because of virus exist on your system, you will lose many things, from time to production stopped because your computer not work at all.

Antivirus Program

What is computer virus

Computer virus is not like human virus, it does not spread over the air or via blood transfusion. It simply a program (usually small file at first) that can duplicate and ruin your computer system with various goals from popularity to financial rewards. Why I am telling you this, because I found someone who think that computer virus is just like human viruses. At first I laugh to hear this but then I realize that this assumption also happen on many other people.

How is computer viruses works?

Computer virus works by duplicating themselves, make the file size big and bigger and also can run unwanted programs simultaneously. The other virus can make your system run incredibly slow. Nasty virus can delete your data or send sensitive data to other people. Virus also can make your system paralyze by flooding your network with traffic. The bottom line is virus can make serious damage to your system and you do not want this to happen.

How to clean viruses from computer

Cleaning virus from computer can be achieved by many ways, one of the best way is by installing antivirus. Antivirus can clean your computer from nasty virus, but if you installing after got infected in many cases it will not effective because there is already virus running on computer’s memory. When this happen the only effective way is to rebuild your computer system from the scratch, this means you lost your time and effort, thus decreasing your productivity.
From the short description above you know what we dealing with. Many viruses created for windows operating system and Android operating system for mobile devices. Why Windows system and Android, because both operating system have huge market share. Hacker who created a virus usually very happy when they creation become famous or resulting financial reward, or even they create them for fun.

What is antivirus program

Antivirus is a program to counter attack virus, this program created by large company to remove or mitigate virus effect to your computer system. In my opinion antivirus company always one step behind from the hacker who create the virus. It just like reactive action although they always claim they are proactive in combating virus. Sometime I think that they also create a virus to be release in public for their business. By releasing antivirus for the virus that they created before, they will know exactly how to remove virus effectively and efficiently.

How antivirus works

Antivirus come to save your world by detecting and removing unwanted virus. Installing antivirus can increase your productivity because you no longer have to wait long time to do your next job, or losing important data that you develop for years. See how antivirus for android works.

What is the best antivirus to be use in my system

There are many big names out there who release awesome antivirus product and gain trust from users. Among them are: Norton, McAfee, Antivir, Kaspersky, AVG, and many more.
Now you can see how important is installing antivirus to boost your productivity. This end up my article about how we can increase productivity by installing Antivirus.

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