HP Stream 200-010 Mini Desktop Review

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HP stream 200-010 reviewHP Stream 200-010 Mini Desktop price tag is $215.97 comes with windows 8, dual display support, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD, mouse and keyboard included. I recommend you to go with HP Stream 200-010 Mini Desktop when you plan to use it for a lot of browsing, email and some games. This specification is perfect to run but if you intend to upgrade to Windows 10 , I recommend to upgrade to 8GB for RAM and 128GB for SSD.

HP Stream 200-010 Specification
The processor is 1.47 GHz Celeron 2957U is dual core processor that have more power comparing to other cheap computer and have a great performance and value if we refer to cost and performance ratio. HP Stream 200-010 has 2 bay for memory module which already use 1 bay with 2GB memory. 32 GB SSD is great to speed up booting process and overall computing process, you can easily upgrade to bigger capacity. Although has small form, it has 4 USB 3 port (2 rear 2 front) which is great. Most laptop only have 3 USB ports. It also has 2 port for display, 1 is display port 1 is HDMI port. Yes it has dual display ability, you will have bigger workspace when using 2 display when you working with it. 1 Ethernet port if you decide to use network cable instead of wireless. With all this complete interface port you get more value with your money.

HP Stream 200-010 Mini Desktop

Wireless connectivity are bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI 802.11 b/g/n. HP Stream 200-010 is come with windows 8 and able to be upgraded to Windows 10. Both operating system are 64 bit version. If you want to upgrade memory or SSD it quite easy, there are 4 screws on the bottom of unit (beneath rubber pad).

HP Stream 200-010 Performance

This exceptional windows box performance is still above Chrome OS box. Octane score report is 12,057 while typical Chrome OS box is range between 11,000 – 12,000 i don’t see any problem opening 12 tabs on Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. HP Stream 200-010 can run office 2013 (office 365) very well. However for power user running excel will need 4 GB memory (I recommend 8GB). Games like Half Life 2 and Portal  are run good on this machine. I don’t play games a lot so i don’t try other games. OK this end my HP Stream 200-010 review, hope this will help you decide what best for your needs.

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