How to Share File and folder in Onedrive for Business

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When we have a file to be used and edited together with colleagues we will need to give them permission, whether it can read only or can edit. In Onedrive we can do this from by login to Onedrive online or via office365 applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

 1. To share a file in Onedrive from excel

Open Excel, click Open and choose Onedrive and click the file you want to share.

sharing file in onedrive for business
It will open file as usual

sharing file in onedrive from excel

On the top right you will see Share button, click that.

Sharing excel file in onedrive

Now you type name(s) on the invite people. Give permission (can read or can edit). Optionally you can write a message. After that click Share button.

sharing file email notification

Recipient and to us as sender will receive email like above. The recipient will able to edit and save the file after they login to Onedrive online.

2. To share a file or folder in Onedrive via online

If sharing file can be done from office application (excel, word, power point) however, we can not share folder from our file in computer. We have to share from within Onedrive online.
Login to

click onedrive icon

Click Onedrive

sharing folder in onedrive forbusiness online

Click Files on the left side, Click Share from the menu or when right click the file.

Sharing folder online in onedrive

Like share file from office application, type the recipient name, add some message if needed (optional). Choose the permission you want to assign. Can edit or can read. Click Share button.

sharing folder in onedrive via online

The recipient and you as a sender will receive email as above. When the recipient click the link, they will able to edit files under that folder.

Some known issues:

1. No Onedrive location when open from Excel

no onedrive location

If you cannot see your Onedrive location when open from outlook. Click Add a Place, then click Office 365 Sharepoint.

no onedrive when open from excel

After click you will need to enter you email address and click Next

recover onedrive location

You will need to enter email address and password.

Onedrive file location

After entering correct credential, you will see Oneddrive location from your Office application.

2. You cannot sharing file or folder from local cache of Onedrive

Some common mistake I see with users, they tried to share file or folder from their local cache Onedrive in the computer

cannot share file and folder from onedrive folder in computer

You cannot share folder or file from you Onedrive local drive. Remember that is not Onedrive. It is a local cache of Onedrive not the Onedrive itself.

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