How To Root and UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

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Before we root Mi4 Let’s talk a little bit about Xiaomi

Xiaomi is an electronics company headquartered in Beijing, China. Xiaomi produced high specs smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and wearable gadget with affordable price.

Xiaomi first release its smartphone in August 2011, since that Xiaomi expanding its operation in mainland China, India, Asia, America and developing a wider range of consumer electronics, including a smart home (IoT) device ecosystem. Lei Jun is Xiaomi CEO and founder of Xiaomi also the 23rd China richest man according to Forbes. Xiaomi successfully sold more than 60 million smartphones in 2014.

One of the Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone that still high in demand up to today is Mi4, this is because Mi4 has high specs with affordable price. Today I am going to show you how to root Xiaomi Mi4. Root objective is to make user as an administrator so they can more access to the system files on the phone.

Usually the main reason you want to root your Mi phone is you need to install an app that require your phone to be rooted first.

Preparation to root Xiaomi Mi4

Firstly first, please prepare following:

  1. Smartphone Xiaomi Mi4
  2. A laptop or PC
  3. Internet access
  4. Usb cable to connect your Mi4 to the computer

Required Softwares:


Do Rooting On Your Own Risk, We Are Not Responsible If You Did Something Wrong and Bricked Your Device. So, Please Make Backup Before Rooting.

Mi4 Rooting Steps:

1. Save your adb folder to C:/adb (to make procedure easier)

Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

2. Install adb fastboot on your PC.

Install ADB 2 - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

3. Now copy ‘TWRP RECOVERY’ to ‘C:/adb’ (rename the filename from twrp- to twrp.img, not mandatory, but it will make the procedure easier)

4. Copy into internal memory of your Xiaomi MI4

5. Now turn off your mi4.

6. Turn on your phone in fastboot mode, by pressing ‘VOLUME DOWN+POWER ON’

how to root mi4 - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

7. Now connect your phone via USB in your PC.
8. Open command prompt by click ‘SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK on MOUSE’ on the folder ‘C:/adb’ and then click on ‘Open Command Window here’

open command window - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

9. A Command prompt window will open.

10. Now you have to boot into TWRP recovery mode, you can choose boot for temporarily into TWRP recovery or install permanent TWRP recovery in your phone.

a. Temporarily recovery

temporary recovery - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

Type on command windows
Fastboot boot twrp.img (enter)

Your phone will automatically reboot and go to recovery mode

b. Permanent recovery

permanent recovery - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

Fastboot flash recovery twrp.img (enter)

And then turn off your phone by press and hold power botton until off. Then turn back on your phone and boot into recovery mode by holding power botton + volume up.
11. Now TWRP recovery will open in your MI device .

TWRP on Mi4 - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

12. Now select install zip and choose from device.

install supersu on mi4 - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

13. Then slide to confirm installing zip

swipe to confirm - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

Wait a minute for the process
14. After installation finished reboot your phone.
15. Check that SuperSU app installed on your smartphone.

supersu installed - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

16. And then you have to update SuperSU from Play Store.

update supersu - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

17. Open SuperSU, and If it says “SuperSU binary needs to be updated” then tap on “Continue” or if another choice chooce ”Normal”

18. After process finished, reboot your phone.
19. Hurray you have successfully rooted your phone.
20. Enjoy…

Note :
I have tested this procedure on “XIAOMI MI4 LTE” running on “MIUI8 Global Develover v.6.10.27”

Now you can install all application that require root on your smartphone, below are some application you can install after your smartphone rooted:
1. Root Checker
2. Adaway
3. Device Control
4. Root Browser
5. Root Explorer
6. Greenify
7. ROM Manager
8. System App Remover
9. Titanium Backup
10. XBooster
11. Boot Animations
12. Pry-Fi
13. Flashify
14. ROM Toolbox
15. Amplify Battery Extender
16. Kernel Auditor
17. BusyBox
18. AZ Screen Recorder
19. TWRP Manager
20. StickMount
21. Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Try to install apps that require root mode after you successfully install SuperSU. For example here I will try to install Adaway software, this apps is to prevent commercial pop up when you running games or other application.

Install AdAway

AdAway is a great program to get rid of ads while you open application or playing games.
1. Open AdAway, it will ask permission to run, tap on GRANT to let the apps running.

install adaway - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

2. If application can run normal without error or asking to root your phone first then you have successfully install this program.
3. Check list of application that allowed by SuperSU by running SuperSU

check adaway with supersu - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

4. Congratulations, AdAway has been installed on your rooted phone.


Rooting Xiaomi Mi4 is easy using TWRP and SuperSU apps however you must keep in mind that by rooting your smartphone you will lose your warranty. If you want to claim your warranty you must unroot the phone first.
There is risk to break your smartphone in rooting process this is the risk, however as long you follow the instruction carefully you will be OK.

How to unroot your Mi4 Smartphone:

The reason you want to unroot usually you want to repair the phone and claim warranty. Warranty will void if they now your phone is rooted.

Way to Unroot Mi4

You know that the root process is complicated enough, but different with unroot process.
Unroot mi4 can be easily done in 2 ways :
1. When you update MIUI software on your phone it will automatically unroot your phone, or your SuperSU application will disappeared, if not gone SuperSU will not work anymore.
2. Unroot using SuperSU application.
a) Open SuperSU
b) Open setting menu
c) Tap full unroot

unroot mi4 using supersu - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

d) First warning let us know that root mode will be gone, tap continue to proceed

unroot warning1 - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

e) Second warning asking whether we will delete recovery (in this case twrp recovery) the one you already install, afterwards it will become default recovery from Xiaomi (Mi Recovery).

unroot warning 2 - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

Tap YES to return to Mi Recovery, tap NO if still want to use TWRP recovery, It’s up to you, I would choose NO, because I prefer TWRP recovery than Mi Recovery.
f) After uninstall SuperSU finish, your smartphone will reboot automatically,

uninstalling supersu - Root And UnRoot Xiaomi Mi4

g) Congratulations, your smartphone has been unroot.

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