How to Protect Personal Data Stored in The Cloud

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The reasons we want to store our data in the cloud is various but most of them are:

  • Flexibility, we want to be able to open the data anywhere in the world
  • Security, we want our data keep safe when computer has been stolen or caught on fire.

At the same time all data need to be secured from stolen and or virus attack. Below are basic tips to secure personal data that been stored in the cloud:

1. Backup data regularly

Usually you will backup data doing in the computer not in the cloud, because the reason you want to save your data in the cloud is so that you don’t have to keep another backup.

This is not true you still need a backup to at least another different cloud service in case you cannot open data from your current cloud for any reason.

2. Encrypted data in the cloud

Encryption will delay/block data in the cloud in case data stolen happened. Encrypt your data before stored in the cloud. Whenever data need to be open will asking for password to decrypt.

3. Choose cloud service that provide encryption

Data encryption if provided by cloud services is another positive point. Everything you saved into the cloud will automatically encrypted. No need additional encryption from your end.

4. Read carefully terms and condition from your cloud provider

Some cloud providers allow you to share data in the cloud among users. Some of them are not inform us that they may have the right to use the content that is shared in the cloud.

5. Use strong password

Strong password is very recommended, password should be complex and unique. Minimum 7 characters, capital and lower case, special character and number combination will be a good combination for strong password. Sp@rTan007 will be a good example for strong password.

6. Use Anti Virus and Anti Malware/anti spy software.

No matter how strong is your cloud service, you still in risk if your file infected by malware. Run anti virus program or anti malware to make sure your data Is not compromise by the unwanted program.

7. Bigger is better

When choosing cloud services that meet the criteria above you can also choose for bigger storage capacity. How big, well it’s depend on your need, I would say 15GB enough for me at the moment.

Free Cloud services for you to choose

Below I list cloud service that you can register for free, the order only indicate my personal preference:

Dropbox –

Dropbox is my first cloud service, I remember got 2GB free storage is epic at that time. Dropbox will increase our storage capacity for free when we refer to someone and they register using our link. For each person using our link to register to Dropbox, they will give us additional 250MB.

Google Drive –

Google drive give me 15GB free storage. I like it because when my dropbox full I am using Google drive that also has awesome feature.

Microsoft One drive –

I have Onedrive personal and Onedrive for business. Onedriver personal only allow me to store file up to 5GB. My Onedrive for business capacity is 50GB, but I don’t like using it because the account will be shut down once I am not working with my company anymore.

There are others bigger cloud service storage to try, I found the list here:

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