How to Install Skype for Business Basic Offline or Online

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We have Microsoft Office365 E1 and E3 users in our office, when Microsoft decided to upgrade Lync to Skype automatically it will automatically update for E3 users but not for most E1 users. Most of the E1 user still using Lync Basic, but I still find 2 E1 users already upgraded to Skype for business basic.

There are 2 ways that we can install Skype for business basic, the first is online installation and the second is offline installation.

Install Skype for Business Basic online:

  1. Remove your existing Lync basic first from control panel.
  2. Login to
  3. On the bottom page you will see link to install Skype for Business

install skype for business

Click Install and it will start the installation process, this will take times depend on your internet connection speed. The installation file is about 400Mb. But don’t worry it will work on the background. The user can still work normally with other application as long as connected to the internet.

install skype for business online

Install Skype for Business Basic offline:

  1. Go to click Download.

You will have two choices to download the file.

lyncentry_4351-1001_x64_en-us.exe is for 64 bit version of windows the size is 445.5 MB

lyncentry_4351-1001_x86_en-us.exe is for 32 bit version of windows the size is 379.0 MB

Don’t worry although the name of file begin with lyncentry, it will install Sype for business basic at the end.

install skype for business offline

This offline installation mode of Skype for Business Basic very useful to us as it proofed to shortened the installation time comparing to online installation mode. 15 minutes vs 2 hours make a big difference especially when we install on many computers.

Can I contact Skype for Business users from Skype?

User’s question after their lync being upgraded to Skype for Business Basic is whether they can contact user that using ordinary Skype.

Yes they can contact as described by Microsoft here

And this is what Skype says:

To add Skype user from User for Business:

Click icon add contact as below picture

Click add a contact not in my organization

Click Skype
add contcat on skype for business
Type your Skype contact’s name on the search column.

type skype contact name

OK I hope that you can updates from Lync basic to Skype for Business Basic in an effective way. My previous post regarding Lync is here:

Be careful when clicking link from Skype for Business can be dangerous for more info please refer to this post

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