How to Eliminate Echo and Noise on Polycom Video Conference System

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We have a video conference system setup in each office around our business in Europe and Asia. We have chosen to use Polycom. In our office in Bandung Indonesia using Polycom Group 500 while in our office in Jakarta using Polycom Group 300. Our head office in London, UK using HDX 8000 from Polycom.

We have done a lot of video conference system. In a week at least 3-4 times video conference session happened. This can be between our office in Asia, with other offices in Asia and UK, or video conference with our buyer and supplier.
One day our boss was complaint about echo/feedback coming from our office in Jakarta. We did not realize this problem although we did a test dial before actual VC session start. One day after the VC meeting finish I test with my colleague to re-create the problem and try to fix.

To Eliminate Echo by Using TV’s Speaker Only

This time I heard echo when my colleague in Jakarta talking. We then tried to re-locate the speaker to eliminate the echo but the result still poor. The camera and microphone in Jakarta office are in on one piece, so we cannot move the microphone away from speakers, that’s why we choose to relocate the speaker. We finally sort the issue by unplug external speaker and only using internal speaker from TV.

To Eliminate Echo by Muting Microphone When not Talking

Several weeks later our office held another meeting among offices in Asia and UK, I did a dial VC test to my colleague in Jakarta and everything was perfect at that time. After the video conference finished, we received feedback from VC participants that they still received echo during video conference session and to overcome echo they muted the microphone each time they’re not talking. This is effective but not practical.

Eliminate Echo by changing VC unit settings

We decided to do some tests again, now involving more people from Durham, UK; London, UK; Jakarta, Indonesia; Bandung, Indonesia. My colleague in London confirmed that he heard echo from Bandung and Jakarta. He also said that voice from Durham is breaking up so we couldn’t understand what people saying from Durham.

David Clark, from London asking Dan from Durham do disconnect and re-join to VC while he made some changes. After login now we can understand what’s Dan saying, means the voice now has become normal.
During this test all video are good no problem at all, only problem with voice.

David also ask me to logoff and re-join video conference while he made some changes to our VC unit.
After I re-joined VC he said that now no echo heard coming from our end anymore.
This is what David’s did to the setting of each Polycom unit in our offices:
Login as admin to each video conference system change noise reduction setting.
G500 / G310

How To Eliminate Echo On Polycom

HDX series (HDX 8000)

polycom hdx series noise reduction system - How To Eliminate Echo On Polycom

I hope our experience to eliminate echo from Polycom video conference system is useful for you. I am sure other video conference system also has feature to enable noise and echo reduction.
Thanks to David Clark who always take care of our system across business in Asia and UK.

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