How to Choose Portable Charger

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Many of us when carrying hand phone can’t separate with portable charger. Let’s understand about charger for your smart phone. If you are so active on the phone, your battery will empty in several hours only. You need extra battery charger to carry on. Make sure the size is not too big where you can carry on easily.

Choose Portable Charger

Tips for Choosing

Check out the capacity according to your needs. Some power banks can be used for tree times for charging empty battery of smart phone where some are not. Bigger capacity will cause a heavier power bank. If you are so often to have chat with your smart phone, big capacity will be recommended to carry in your bag. But, you can make a spare for battery charger. One with small shape where the capacity is enough for giving power to the drain battery and the second battery charger has more capacity for traveling purpose. Let’s say that you are choosing portable charger for iphone. It should be compatible with your smart phone where the charging speed should be maximized. Moreover, it should be smaller and lighter charger where you can carry easily on the pocket.

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Portable Charger UNu Superpack

With uNu superpack, you can get all of benefits. It has a certification for all charging device like galaxy and notebook as well. Since it has cable for Micro USB, the cable will be suitable for all smartphone. Moreover, it uses good feature of reducing times for charging up to 50%. There is also certification from Apple since the cable has lighting effect. You can choose black or white color for your powerbank.

android portable charger - Choose Portable ChargerPerhaps all power-bank looks the same, but the battery inside is having different limitation. The quality of power-bank should be water resistant and still good when it is falling down. There is flashlight feature as well where you can use as a torch when the electricity is turning off. As your smart phone where it has charging status, the power-bank is also the same. You can see the rest battery in the power-bank to make an estimation how long it can be used. Don’t forget to recharge your portable charger when you are sleeping. It will be full in the morning when you wake up. Of course, you should not talk on the phone when your battery is charging. It is not good for your ear. Take the battery charger according to your need, so you will not regret to buy.

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