How I Use Whatsapp For Better Communication With Family and Friends

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When using Whatsapp as our communication apps we found some features are very useful while other need improvement like delay when using voice call, however overall performance is great.
The best way to communicate is to talking face to face, however we cannot always do this for many reasons. Some method of today’s communications are:

Talking directly face to face

Is the best communication God created for us as human. We can see face or of our partner with their gesture, we can know if the person we are talking to are in sad, mad, anxious, sometimes when they are lying. However we cannot always doing this kind of communication form because of distance restriction. Humans created/developed other alternative of communication form such:

Speak over the phone

Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell that invented phone, this technology keep developed over the time. We still can hear intonation that involving emotion over the phone although we cannot see their gesture. People can send news across the world using the phone.


Internet has changed the way people communicate, many communications form emerge by using internet infrastructure, among them are:


Email is the most used communication form today, email have the same official communications as mail and telephone. With email people can track down the conversation history.

Video phone

More advance communication form that make face to face communication over the internet. Video phone require more bandwidth than phone and instant messaging communication.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is another form of communication that used mainly on mobile devices besides email. Many company created their own instant messaging application, some of them still exist and has many users around the world, while other left behind.

I am one of people who love instant messaging and actively using it everyday. I use Yahoo Messenger, Skype for Business, Whatsapp.

How I Use Whatsapp

Why Using Whatsapp

Really no particular reason why I use whatsapp back then. I think because not much choices back then and whatsapp already there for us as a good choice.
How I use Whatsapp for my daily activities
I use whatsapp for my daily activity at home or at work.

Use Whatsapp to communicate with my wife

This is more about daily activity in our little family. My wife send me a picture of my 3.5 year old boy. What my boy was doing when I am in work. Many times my wife ask me to buy something or groceries on the way home at night. That is the perks when using Whatsapp for my wife.

Use Whatsapp to communicate with my sibling and in law in a group

This group was created by my brother, we share information in this group about what happened to our family, my brother and sister are in different city apart 125 KM from where I live. This is cool we keep in touch with Whatsapp.
Use whatsapp to communicate with my neigbours in a group
We are about 120 family in the neighbourhood, although we are not see each other face to face whatsapp make us keep communicate nicely. We know what happen in the neighbourhood, know meeting schedule faster many times we don’t need to print hardcopy for the invitation to the meeting. We just inform it on WA.

Use Whatsapp to communicate with my car pool mates in a group

We shared a company car to be picked up to and to leave company in the afternoon. The car only picked us on main road, so we have to be there before the car pick us or they left us behind. There are 5 minutes tolerance actually. Sometimes we leave our friend when she/he not in the appointment place and not contactable via Whatsapp or phone.
Before create a group we need to WA them 1 by 1 and sometime missed the message because not all received the information. After created a group all of us (6 persons) never missed important message so

Use Whatsapp to communicate with my IT colleagues in a group

We use Whatsapp to coordinate our daily IT job in the factory, we are only 3 persons and handle 2 hundreds of users and computers, tens of printers, scanners, programs, communications and other specific machine related to the garment industry. We use voice call a lot because we internal WIFI signal and sometimes using text message when WIFI is out of range. We send screenshot a lot to this group to send serial number of machine, to describe system error, etc.

Voice call using Whatsapp

Voice call using whatsapp quite good, although sometimes we need to wait several seconds to understand what our partner saying if they speak very fast. For slow and short sentences Whatsapp voice call is good.

Attach video in whatsapp

To attach video in whatsapp we must have the video in our phone first, means we cannot attach video that exist on a website without we download it first.

That is how I use Whatsapp for better communication in my daily life, I hope you find Whatsapp also useful too.

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