Help! My Laptop Does Not Connect to The Internet

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Today if you cannot connect to the internet I almost sure that you will have small or nothing to do. You cannot send and receive email, your production database cannot sync with current data and other unpleasant conditions. This is the reality and today I will tell you what to do when your laptop is not connected to the internet. This will be little technical but with pictures I hope you will solve the problem.

Laptop Does Not Connect to the Internet

How to fix the problem if your laptop cannot connect to the internet?

1. Make sure your laptop already connected to the network via WIFI or cable.

make sure WIFI is on

This is indicated by signal icon (wifi) and no red cross icon.

2. Try to ping

On most computer you should able to ping or When you able to ping, you should able to connect to the Internet. To get to command prompt (below picture) click Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command prompt. Type ping it should return reply from … other than that you have internet connection problem.

3. Make sure you get the right IP address

IP address is your computer address, it contains four section separated with dot. Example is
Many company is always using DHCP to organize client’s IP address, to make sure you get the right IP address, check following:

computer not connect to internet

Right click your network connection. It could be wireless or cable. In the example above is wireless. Click Open Network and Sharing Center

how to fix internet connection

Click Change adapter settings

laptop does not connect to wireless

Your network connection could be wireless/WIFI or LAN/Cable, again in this example is WIFI. Right click Wireless Network Connection.

laptop will not connect to internet via ethernet

Right click Wireless Network Connection, click Properties.

laptop will not connect to internet but will connect to network

Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), click Properties.

laptop will not connect to internet

Make sure you choose Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. If different, change to be the same as picture above. Click OK button. Click OK again until all window closed.
Try ping Google or Yahoo again just like step no 2. If it reply then it works. Other than that you have network problem.

4. Tell you administrator

If the problem persist tell your administrator that there is problem with internet connection and you cannot access the internet to work.
I hope now you can connect to the internet and you can continue your works. Happy working.

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