Google Pixel: The answer to our smartphone qualms?

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Google Pixel – A lot of us would agree that it has indeed been a disastrous year for smartphones, both the market leaders i.e. Apple and Samsung introduced phones which either heated up, buzzed or simply just blew up. And even after repeated warnings and call backs they still can’t seem to get it just right.

Google pixel

As a result many of us who were expecting a lot or those on the sidelines waiting to change their phone plans and shift to an upgrade it was disappointing. What made it worse was the fact that we probably have to make do with phones we already have day in day out not being able to open a fresh box while the excitement follows of what lays ahead, the experience of powering up a new phone and digging right into it.

But! Do we really? After all with technology scope always on an increase do we have another choice?
For some time – Google the operator of the biggest OS used on smartphones, Android has been slowly making its way along the sidelines using other manufacturers to produce and sell what it calls NEXUS Devices.

For enthusiasts of the OS Android, NEXUS phones are pure joy – from the simple and stripped down operating system to specs that match any top of the line phone, NEXUS Devices first manufactured by LG, then Motorola and also Huawei in between are big hits with everyone.

A lot of the popularity around the phones stems I three basic areas – pricing, hardware and specs. Although not as good as maybe an iPhone or a Samsung, NEXUS devices still match up and cost less as well. They last longer and aren’t prone to slowing down and the cherry on top is of course the regular updates via Google and that to before it’s available on any other device manufacturer.

Keeping all this in view Google has launched a new device – a refreshing phone considering some of the disasters we’ve had recently, Google’s Pixel Phone promises all the essentials and this time around looks flashy and expensive as well. Primarily available in three mainstream colors, Google has upped its game by truly manufacturing a beast of a smartphone.

With all the fixings of a top line smart device, the Pixel supports a 4GB RAM, comes in an aluminum shelling, has a finger print scanner and comes with the very best in smartphone camera’s or at least that is what Google is claiming. Manufactured by HTC, Google has branded the phone themselves this time around.

All in all it seems to be a silver lining to what we have had to endure this time around. Starting at $600 for the 5 inches screen and $700 for the 5.5 inch bigger screen phone the Pixel again supports a pure version of Android 7.1 Nougat with of course regular updates which you will be the first to get. So don’t be dismayed, move onto a different experience if you were disappointed with the market this time around.

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