Free 8 Public DNS Servers For Faster Internet Connection

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There are times when we feel that our internet speed is not what we paid for. We cannot judge this by feeling only, we need application to measure the speed. One of the most used application is speedtest (
There is easy way to make our internet connection faster by changing it’s DNS address. DNS (Domain Name System) a system to translate form IP address to a name. Every domain name (name) in the internet is actually an IP address like for or for
We can find out the IP address by pinging the domain name like picture below

Public DNS Servers

DNS server is a computer that serve name to IP address query from client like us. If the server can serve the query it will make our connection faster.
Every internet service provider will have their own DNS, however in many cases their DNS server is not fast enough to response our query. This resulting slower internet speed.
By using faster DNS server will also increase internet speed.
Below are public DNS addresses that commonly used to speed up internet:

1. To speed up internet using Google public DNS

Change your DNS setting using below DNS server address

2. To speed up internet using OpenDNS

3. OpenDNS with family protection

Below DNS address will protect your children from browsing un appropriate websites.

4. DNS advantage
is one of the best free DNS service with great performance

5. Comodo secure DNS
Provided by Comodo

6. Norton DNS

7. DNS watch

8. VeriSign Public DNS

How to change DNS server address

To change DNS server address is depend on what connection you are using.
If you are using broadband, you can change the DNS server setting in the setup console, in router:
1. Login as admin
2. Setup WAN interface
3. Change DNS from automatic to manual
4. Fill with DNS from Google or OpenDNS

open DNS setting - Public DNS Servers

If using USB modem you can change from network properties like below

Use DNS setting to change DNS server address - Public DNS Servers

The result after using public DNS:

I subscribe 5Mb broadband, when using OpenDNS address I got 9.65Mbps for download and 2.73Mbps for upload. If using default DNS server from my internet provider, the result is about 4Mbps download and 3Mbps upload.

speedtest result after using OpenDNS address - Public DNS Servers

Sometimes you will not always able to change DNS setting especially when your network managed by administrator. You have to ask administrator to change the DNS setting.
I hope now you can have faster internet connection by using public DNS address, enjoy!

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