Free Download Manager is The Best Download Manager Without Ads

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Yes I think Free Download Manager is the best for me. Why I say so, because of following reasons:

  • It works

If it doesn’t work for me then the rest point is useless 🙂

  • It’s free

Nothing is as good as free, especially if we will use the application sometimes. I don’t mind to buy software/services that i use often/daily but when i use it for sometimes i prefer to get the free one.

  • Without ads

I believe there are many free product out there that offer the same functional but they have so many ads on their application that often bugging us or even made unwanted changes on the system when we installed it.

  • FDM has all the features that I need

Resume, this is great feature when internet connection disconnected so we don’t have to start it all over again, we can continue from the last download session saving a lot of time.

Multi session, all download manager will use many download session to make it faster as per below picture FDM use up to 14 different session to download, no wonder the speed is up to 1242KB/s. Be careful when using this feature as it will consume all the internet bandwidth, so when you use shared internet connection don’t use many session so others still can use the internet. You can arrange how many session will be used.

Scheduled, If you want to use full speed without interrupting other user in the office, you can schedule download to start after working hours to avoid complain from other users.

As in the picture below, i tried to download 2.3GB zip file from cloaked URL and it still works fine.

The Best Download Manager Without Ads


Where to download FDM?

You can download here

How do I use free download manager?

Many times FDM will detect automatically and  offer us whether to download using FDM or not. But sometimes when the automatic download is not working we have to use as follow:

Download the file without FDM first ( I use Chrome when tried this), during copy process press CTRL+J keys to open download progress windows and copy the URL address from there, add to FDM manually.

FDM is the best - The Best Download Manager Without Ads

Only need 36 minutes to download 2.3GB file without interruption. If i don’t use this FDM it will took about 8 hours or more to complete because the download speed is about 40-80KB/s. Using FDM the speed is 1159KB/s

On this session I am using 10Mbps internet connection via fiber optic cable.

speedtest result - The Best Download Manager Without Ads


Alternative to other free download manager

Microsoft also has it’s own free download manager called Microsoft Download Manager, you can download it here. I use this before, it works great for downloading Microsoft software, but sometimes failed to download files with complex URL such mine.

Paid Download manager

Internet Download Manager is the most popular download manager. You can download it here

It’s perfect to download softwares, games, cd, dvd and mp3 music, movies, shareware and freeware programs and it reported faster than any other download manager. It offer free trial before you can buy, so this is also good option if you want to use download manager often.

Now i hope you have idea which download manager that match your needs. Thanks for reading…

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