Free Disk Space Alerts to Your Email, Easy Steps

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Monitoring servers from being stop operational because of disk full is a very critical and in the same time is tedious job. However if we can automate it and send the report to our mailbox everyday that will be awesome.

The Disk performance from Microsoft can be configured to pop up on screen when disk nearly full but i personally prefer alert to be sent do my email, so whenever i go i can always know the disk free situation on the servers. The other reason is usually when we have pop up warning on our screen that is already too late, but if we set if far too early we usually ignore it.

Below is email sample i received every morning at 07:00

Free Disk Space Alerts To Your Email


Nice hah? This is not my work. I found an excellent posting about powershell script that can send email alert from Sean Duffy in

I combine the powershell script with windows scheduler to send the warning every morning so we can act accordingly.

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