Fabric Warehouse Stocktake Dec 2016 using ShowMe Apps

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Every 3 months we do Stocktake to verify fabric amount in warehouse with our record in the system. This Dec 2016 Stocktake will using scanners MC 3190 and ShowMe system. Before using ShowMe we were use wavelink ( A telnet program to do the stocktake).

Using showme is more simpler and realtime to users. From Showme access directly to JDE system instead of other third party program as an interface program.

Below are how to use ShowMe for Fabric stocktake in Dec 2016:

  1. Double click on “ShowMe Barcodes” shortcut to open Showme

Fabric Warehouse Stocktake

2. Log in using:

User name: ptdop01 – ptdop17
Password: pass17 – pass1

and then click on “Sign on”

login using username - Fabric Warehouse Stocktake

3. Click on “Fabric”

Fabric stiocktake - Fabric Warehouse Stocktake

4. Click on “Stocktake”

Fabric Stocktake 2 - Fabric Warehouse Stocktake

5. Start to scan or key in as below example

CYCLE COUNT: to be scanned
BRANCH/PLANT: to be scanned
LOCATION: to be scanned
STILLAGE REF: to be scanned
SCAN COUNT: key in… as requested

and click on “SUBMIT” or Func F4

Stocktake rools - Fabric Warehouse Stocktake

6. Start to scan till completed as SCAN COUNT number and click on “SUBMIT” or Func F4 once finished scanning.

Stocktake scanning - Fabric Warehouse Stocktake

Cycle Count released by pak Darda
Press Func F2 to back on the previous menu.
Warm boot press power button 15 seconds until the scanner restart
Cold boot 1+9+Power until the scanner restart
Username – Password
ptdop01 – pass17
ptdop02 – pass16
ptdop03 – pass15
ptdop04 – pass14
ptdop05 – pass13
ptdop06 – pass12
ptdop07 – pass11
ptdop08 – pass10
ptdop09 – pass9
ptdop10 – pass8
ptdop11 – pass7
ptdop12 – pass6
ptdop13 – pass5
ptdop14 – pass4
ptdop15 – pass3
ptdop16 – pass2
ptdop17 – pass01


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