Emails Going to Junk Folder

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Emails To Junk Folder
Illustration of junk folder

Many times i got question like this ” Why is email from my buyer/client going to junk folder?”. People think that legit email should NOT going to junk folder, i agree with this but not with outlook or other email client program, this is link tell you how the junk folder works.

All email program detect whether it is spam/junk email or not (spam will going to junk folder) based on many criteria includes title, content, time of sending, etc.

Actually it is not important to us figure out why legit email goes to junk folder, the most important is how to make they don’t going to junk folder again.

to address problem emails going to junk folder - Emails To Junk Folder
How to whitelist email/sender on outlook 2007

On the junk mail folder look for email that not suppose to be in there

Right click on email and highlight Junk E-mail another menu will show up and click Add Senderr’s Domain ( to Safe Senders List
That’s it and move that email which already in junk folder to inbox folder manually (drag and drop). Next time you received email from that company it will goes to inbox.

The sample below is for outlook 2007, for other email client the procedure will be slightly different but the main purpose is the same.


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