Email Sent from iPad or iPhone not in the Sent Items Folder on Outlook

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My boss keep telling me that there is something wrong with our Internet but we believe that our connection is OK. He is saying this because he had found that sometimes when he sending email from iPad the email not shown in the Sent Items folder in Outlook.

I also wonder why this is happened, so I tried to search that email by title and found it’s under Sent Items J but with little bit different name of recipient the name proceeded with apostrophe so it’s not easy to be found because people will looking under name without apostrophe.

This little thing made big different because people “seems” can not see emails they are looking for.

Below is setting to get rid of this problem under Outlook 2016, it might a little bit different with your outlook version but basically the same.

Email Sent from iPad or iPhone not in the Sent Items Folder on Outlook

  1. Click File

email on sent items gone

2. Click Options

no email on sent items

3. Click Mail

outlook no email on sent items

4. Click Spelling and Autocorrect…

outlook problem

5. Click Auto Correct Options…

un-check option “Straight quotes”

6. On AutoFormat Tab make sure un-check option “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes”

un tick “smart quotes”

7. On AutoFormat As You Type Tab, make sure to un-tick “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes”


  1. Press OK, OK and OK


So this is Apple problem or Outlook problem, I believe this is outlook problem.

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