Electroneum Token Sale First Experience

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Update 21 October 2017

I have a little fraction of Bitcoin and intend to buy more Electroneum coin, but it’s too late, they already closed it’s token sale earlier as they already reach their hard cap $40 million.

To buy more Electroneum i have to wait until 1 nov 2017 and it only can be bought from exchanges. What will happen with the price on 1st of Nov 2017, will the price rise significantly, we will see.

So at the moment I stick with my little ETN amount.

Hi There,

I just join token sale of Electroneum, just bought small amount of it. Usually I never interested with token sale but I think this is different. It will allow us to mine using apps from your smartphone. The team behind Electroneum coin is a solid team, please see here electroneum.com/#team

Electroneum (ETN) is a UK first coin sale. I am working with UK company and know how they working. This token launch give me more confidence compare to others. I see that they well planned when doing something.

Electroneum token sale bonus

You can buy Electroneum using Bitcoin or Ethereum. I bought 0.14930191 ETH and got 5,385 Electroneum (ETN). Yes just small amount, the most important I am participated with this UK coin launch.

Electroneum ICO

Eletroneum release 21 billion coin to the market compare to only 21 million of Bitcoin. This means more coin available. If you buy something with this coin you will get more “human number” instead of fraction. For example for the price of can Coke you will pay  0.01374 Bitcoin or 99 Electroneum.

If you would like to participate with this, you can click above picture.

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