Easy Way to Resolve Laptop Does Not Connect to WIFI Problem

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Many people are having problem cannot connect their laptop to WIFI, most of the time this is simple problem. This article will show you how to resolve this problem quick and easy. No need to call your IT support, do it yourself while you can.

Indicator that your laptop is not connecting to WIFI

There is some physical indicator that your laptop is not connecting to WIFI, among them are:

1. Your WIFI button is off, turn it on.

There are many form of WIFI button, some laptop put the button on the left side, right side, or top area.

The red crossed icon indicates that your WIFI is off.

wifi disconnect - Laptop Does Not Connect To WIFI

2. Windows WIFI indicator is red crossed.

Sometimes although you already turn the WIFI on, the red crossed button still not change, means you are still offline. Use connection troubleshooter on windows as below.

This is another distinct indicator. When you find this indication, just right click the cross red icon and click troubleshoots problem. Most of the WIFI offline or cannot connect to WIFI will resolve by this procedure.

WIFI off - Laptop Does Not Connect To WIFI

Right click red crossed icon and click Troubleshoots problems

troubleshooting wifi connection - Laptop Does Not Connect To WIFI

Click Apply this fix to restore connection problem.

cannot connect to wifi - Laptop Does Not Connect To WIFI

Click Close when finish.

If you find that your WIFI is connected but you cannot connect to the internet, refer to this post.

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