Download and Install MySQL Server on Windows Server 2008

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In this posting I will show you where we can download MySQL server for free and install it on Windows Server or others Windows version. After MySQL server installed we need to access and configure the database so it will able to work with our frontend program. For this purpose we will install MySQL Workbench that will configure MySQL. I will not use phpmyadmin or any program that accessible via web because this program is very important so we will limit access to the database.

Install MySQL Server On Windows Server 2008

Our IMPEX team just received a new program from Customs office in Bandung. This program is to report our import activity to the Customs office. The program is using MySQL Server as a database backend and installed in a computer and accessed by 4 other computers. The problem with current configuration is the main computer will need to always on as long as other computer access it. The other issue is when there is a lot of activity the performance of main computer will degraded and this is affecting the user that using main computer also the users who accessing it from other PC. We also need to backup the database to prevent disaster in the future.

Because of above issues we will replace the MySQL database using dedicated machine. The machine we will install MySQL server has 16 GB of RAM, i7 processor 2,4 Ghz and 500 GB of harddisk. This machine running Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit version and will always on.

OK let’s start our steps to install MySQL server to replace current server:

1.Download MySQL server

There are several versions of MySQL server we can download from their website but the one we want to download is MySQL Installer 5.7.17 you can download it from

Install MySQL server

Installing MySQL server is quite easy we only need to follow below steps:

MySQL database server administration

I hope after MySQL installed I can directly manage it using the program that came with it, but I was wrong no program to manage MySQL database I must install another program.

Install MySQlWorkbench

MySQLWorkbench is a very good program to manage MySQL database. I never us this program before but I have a little experience with phpmyadmin that has the same function to manage MySQL server database. MySQLWorkbench can be downloaded here
Before installing mySQLWorkbench you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015,

Exporting Current database

To export data from existing MySQL database server to new server can be done from new server using MySQLWorkbench, choose export data. The data will be stored in a folder.

Importing database

Importing data from file that created by export process above is easy. One thing we need to do is to create an empty new schema with the same name with schema we want to import.

After import process finish the new MySQL server is ready to be used. All we need to do is to change IP address of the old server to the new server.

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