Disqus Comment on WordPress is not Working, Solved

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Disqus is an alternatives comment system to native WordPress comment system. Some people integrate Disqus for some reasons such as better filtering on spam comment, moderated comment, alternative login using Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Disqus account.

We can set to allow guest to make comment without login to the system first.
When integrate Disqus into WordPress blog, sometime Disqus is not showing on our WordPress blog. This posting will show you how to troubleshoot this problem, especially when you have using other comment system previously.

Disqus On Wordpress Is Not Working

Before using Disqus I was using Facebook comment system. With Facebook comment system somehow I always missed notification when someone wrote a comment to the post, consequently I reply the question long time if someone ask me something via Facebook comment.

The other reason is I want anyone can comment to the post not only to Facebook users but also people who don’t have Facebook account. People can login using any of following account: Disqus, Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Or they can comment as a guest if you allow it your Disqus system.

Disqus integration to WordPress steps

1. Create Disqus Account

I already have Disqus account and ready to integrate it with my blog. If you want to create an account with Disqus, click here https://disqus.com/profile/signup/

2. Download Disqus Plugin

Download Disqus plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/disqus-comment-system/
After download and activate I expect the Disqus comment show up under every post of this blog, but none of them were showed.
I started searching the internet to solve the problem. I found that Disqus using function from WordPress comment system, so if you turn off comment function on WordPress then Disqus will not appear. This is what happened to my blog and I turn it on.

After this step if your comment systems are in default then everything should OK, you should see your Disqus comment replacing WordPress comment system.

If you cannot see Discuss comment in post after activate the plugin

Make sure this option activated Click Settings>Allow people to post comments on new articles

If you were using Facebook comment system before this option may not be activated because you did not want to show 2 comment system, WordPress and Facebook on every post, that is why you turn this function off. While Discuss need this option to be on, because Disqus use it.

wordpress comment - Disqus On Wordpress Is Not Working

After Set this option on I still did not see Disqus comment on my posts.
I realize this will only work for new post, while existing post will need to be changed individually. To enable Disqus on existing post do following:
Click Post > Click Title (this will select all post on the page)
Click Bulk Action and Click Edit, Click Apply button.

change wordpress comment in bulk - Disqus On Wordpress Is Not Working

Click Comment and choose allow. Click update button.
That will change comment in bulk on the current page, remember each page in default will display 20 posts, you will need repeat the process for each page until all pages has changed.

When you are done, Disqus should now show in every existing and future post, enjoy.

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