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iDRAC Default Password – If you are looking for default username and password for Dell RAC system, you have come to the right place, the default username is root and password is calvin both are case sensitive. I will also tell you what I like from using Dell remote management system to manage your Dell server.

As an administrator there are many function we can use when having access to iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) remotely.

Below are Dell idrac function that I like very much (after you know IDRAC default password and login)

1. Remote control the server like if we in front of it.

DELL IDRAC Default PasswordRemote access to the server is more powerful from remote desktop because this remote access system is running outside OS, so you can see the server boot up, counting memory, initializing hard drive, etc. If you don’t have this facility on your server you can buy KVM, we have KVM Avocent DSR1024.

You don’t have to worry conflict with Operating System or worry will burden your Operating System. It is very important to have a remote access system that run above OS because sometime the server can stop working before we can login to the system. Using Dell Remote Access Controller we can see what was the problem and restart the server if necessary. If we don’t have remote access system like DRAC we need to physically enter the server room and restart the server manually and this is not practical especially if we apart thousand of miles from the server.

2. More details on log event

Again because it’s run outside OS, the log event they have produced is more details. Microsoft’s event viewer will not detect event outside windows. We can have information what was happen with our server and fix it accordingly.

3. Able to turn off, turn on and power cycle server

Warm boot sometimes not enough, we have to do cold boot, and iDRAC is very useful if you are working remotely. If you don’t have this facility with your server you can buy a KVM with power module, they will do the same.

4. Health status of storage/RAID

If we have critical RAID system we will want to watch closely the health condition of the RAID before it become disaster, iDRAC can send us alert.

If you cannot see physical hard drive status, RAID status, from DRAC, try to reboot the server and run lifecycle controller menu, view the raid configuration from there and exit. That’s it now try to see the RAID configuration from DRAC, it will work. I don’t know why, but this is work 🙂

All of above features is without installing any application we can access it from web browser, we just need to configure the IP address of iDRAC port.

Configuring iDRAC

Configuring iDRAC is easy, just plug in network cable from switch to iDRAC port and configure the IP address to match your network range by pressing F11 when the server boot up. The other way is you can replace your computer IP address to close with DRAC default IP address and then login from web browser to this IP. When Dell server asking for Username and password, use their default username is root and the password is calvin

After login you can change the password as you like and this is highly recommended to strengthen your system security.

Note: There are similar product from HP called iLO but for remote control function we need to buy additional license, while in this PowerEdge R530 I got it for free.

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Thanks for reading this post, now you know your IDRAC default password and login so you can configure it to make your administrative works easier.

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