How to Delete an Old Email Address from iPhone/iPad and Outlook

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When we create a new email in Outlook or iPhone/iPad and start typing email addresses, they will suggest us email addresses that we ever sent to.

This is very good feature but sometimes it also displaying old email addresses where we accidentally sent email to that address thus our important email never undelivered and sadly we found it undelivered after we received “undelivered error message” from the system. This is very annoying and if happen several times will drive us mad.

Below is steps to delete old email address from iPhone/iPad:

1. Create  a new email message

Create a new email message type an email address.

2. Click Arrow icon

when it showing addresses click the arrow icon and it will expand and give you option to remove that email address. Just click remove to delete the old email address.

how to delete old emails from iphone 5

how to delete old emails from iphone 6

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Below is steps to delete old email address from outlook

From outlook 2003/2007 or older

Create a new email in outlook, it will suggesting you email address including the old one you want to delete, using arrow key highlight that email address and press delete key on keyboard.

From outlook 2010/2013 Compose a new email in outlook 2010/2013 type an email address, when outlook suggesting email addresses on the right of the email click cross button. It will delete the old email address.

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