How to Connect and Share Documents Between 2 Computer on Windows 7 Via LAN

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3 steps to connecting two computers via LAN from Windows 7 are 1. Connect computer using crossover cable, 2. Assign IP address and 3. Sharing document. You can skip step 1 and 2 if you already done and goes to step 3.

1. Connect using Crossover Cable
Crossover cable is a must to connect between 2 computers without using switch/hub. Crossover cable can be bought on local store in 2/5/10 meters length. Many times they called it as PC to PC cable, this is the same.

2. IP address assignment
If you want to have specific IP address between two computers you can assign them address such as subnet on first computer and subnet on second computer. Don’t worry about default gateway and DNS you won’t need this this time.
If you don’t want to assign IP address manually, you can select Obtain an IP address automatically and windows will determine the appropriate IP address for you, assign this on both computers.

ip address assignment

3. Sharing documents and files
Do this on first PC(
Click start button and control panel


If you found text This computer can’t connect to a homegroup. continue and click start the HomeGroup troubleshooter.


When troubleshooter process finish it will ask you to select location for your current network, you have to choose Home network otherwise you can not share files.



Select what you want to share, choose all: Pictures, Documents, Music, Printers, Videos, hit next button.


You will see password, write down this password as it will be required when you setting second computer.


Do this on second PC(

On control panel search homegroup and click choose homegroup and sharing optionspc2-homegroup1

You will see that your first computer detected on this step and has a homegroup that you will join into. Click Join now button.


Click Next on screen after this and you will ask for password


fill password same as on PC 1

Click finish button and you are ready to share files between computers.

Finsih join to homegroup

Check in windows explorer you will see under homegroup other computer with files ready to be accessed.

check in windows explorer


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