How to Configure RAID on Dell PowerEdge R230 Server

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We need to replace our old Domain Controller servers with this Dell Poweredge R230 server. The Dell Poweredge R230 server spec is RAM 4GB, HD 1TB SAS/SATA, Processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor E3-1220 V5 3.0GHz, 8M Cache, 4C/4T, turbo (80W). Because we need to make the disks as RAID1 (mirroring) we buy another 1TB HD.

Below are the steps to create RAID1 on Dell server. The RAID is created before OS installation thus OS does not realize that the disk is already RAID configured. By configuring RAID like this it will bot burden OS. (you can configure RAID within windows server but it’s not recommended as the RAID consume windows resource.

Step1: Press F2 key during server booting process

how to configure RAID on dell server

Step2: Click Device Settings

dell poweredge r230 raid configuration

Step3: Click RAID controller in slot 2: DELL PERC <PERC H330 Adapter> Configuration Utility.

perc/cerc bios configuration utility

Step4: Click Virtual Disk Management

virtual disk management

Step5: Select your RAID level, on the picture below it only show option RAID0 and RAID1 because we only have 2 harddisk and we choose RAID1 (mirroring). Click Select Physical Disks


physical disk

Step6: Leave all option default and click Check All and click Apply Changes.

check all

Step7: Leave all option default and click Create Virtual Disk.

create virtual disk

Step8: Checkmark confirm, and click Yes

confirm YesStep9: When you see a message “The operation has been performed successfully.” Click OK.

success ok

Step10: You will see message “Additional Virtual Disks cannot be created due to insufficient capacity or absence of configurable Physical Disks.

This is normal because we only have 2 disks and both already included in virtual disk (RAID1), So no other disk left to be configured. Click Back.

additional virtual disk cannot be created

Step11: To make sure that the virtual disk (RAID system) already created successfully, on the Main Menu>Virtual Disk Management.

You will see the status of your Virtual Disk. On this case the status is “Virtual Disk 0: OS, RAID1, 931GB, Ready” (OS is the name of virtual disk).

virtual disk ready

Issue found during creation of RAID1 on Dell Poweredge R230 :

When configuring for RAID1 the server only showed us option to configure RAID0 (data striping, no redundant). After confusion and re-setup several times with no result we found that our supplier gave us 1 SAS harddisk and 1 SATA harddisk on the server. After we recognize the problem I configure 1 server with 2x 1TB SAS harddisk and the other server with 2x1TB SATA harddisk. By configuring harddisk this way now we can configure it as RAID1 (mirroring).

I hope now you succeed to configure RAID on Dell server, see you on other tutorial.

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