Configure Cisco VPN client (IPSec) On Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3.6

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Imagine you are under following situation

You are an IT staff working in almost 24 hours company which require your help to unlock locked active directory users or checking device connectivity or diagnose network problem.You are out of office and need urgently to unlock the user account to avoid production delayed.

Normally you will bring you laptop everywhere to access VPN to get this done. This article will tell you how to unlock users and do other networking things from your android mobile phone.

Configure Cisco VPN Client
Android version 2.3.6

Step to make Cisco VPN works and to unlock locked AD users.

1. Phone based on Android version 2.3.6

To retrieve information as in the picture, click settings, scroll down, click about phone, scroll down to find out your android version.

2. Your android must be rooted

Rooting is the activity to get superuser rights (root access) in android operating system. In Apple product you will knowing this as jailbreak. On this article rooted android is a must to make our application running.

3. Install Superuser application from play store

Install superuser application from Google play store, you will need this for next steps. Click here to download.

Below table is my working VPN access experiences with several mobile phone using different brand and OS version.

DeviceOSVPN applicationRooted/Jailbreak
SamsungAndroid 2.3.6VPNCYes
HTCAndroid 4.0 (ice cream)VPNCillaNo

4. Install tun.ko installer application from play store
samsung-galaxy-ace2 - Configure Cisco VPN Client
tun.ko (file) needed to loadeded first before your VPN can work and its specific to each machine. tun.ko installer will find the right tun.ko of your device. Download here.

5. Install VPNC widget application from play store

VPNC setting - Configure Cisco VPN Client

VPNC is application to make out VPN works. There are several parameter you need to fill in VPNC widget:

– IPSec Gateway is your server IP address (in pcf file called host),

– IPSecId is your groupname (in pcf file called Groupname),

– IPSecSecret is your groupname password (in pcf file called Group password), if your password encrypted you can decode the password from here.

– XAuthUsername is your username to access network,

– AuthPassword is your password

samsung-galaxy-ace5 - Configure Cisco VPN Client

6. Install Active Directory Manager application from play store

samsung-galaxy-ace4 - Configure Cisco VPN Client

I have tested several active directory application in playstore and satisfied with Active Directory Manager from Beal system. You can get this application in free version but you need to key in your user credential and active directory details every time you launch application. My suggestion is to buy this application for your convenience, it only $4.99 and worth the price.

Remember! Use free version first and if you satisfied you can buy paid version.

After your VPN running you can do anything as you connected to the company network in the office. Several android application i like are:

  • Pingtools
  • Spiceworks
  • TN5250 Lite
  • Remote desktop
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