How to Compress A Video Easily Using Handbrake

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In this article  I will not only will show you how to compress single video but also compress bulk videos in the quickest and most efficient way, the best of this is free way using handbrake software.

A user in the office ask us to burn videos of their work process to CD/DVD to be sent overseas in 3 copy. When I look into the source folder it contains 3 folders with 75 files and the size was 17.7 GB and the file format is AVI.

With this size I will need 4 DVD for each copy, for 3 copy will be 12 DVDs. However I want to put all videos into one DVD disk that can hold maximum 4.7 GB. It’s obvious that we need software to compress the videos into smaller size to make it able to burn into 1 DVD.

All software I tried always offering trial version, in trial mode usually they will limit the function or limit the quantity of files we can convert, definitely this is not a best choice.

Finally, I found a perfect software to compress video called Handbrake. Handbrake is open source software to convert video and audio files into another format and the best part is free.

Download Handbrake (Video compress software) for free

To download handbrake for windows you can visit this page
Handbrake is available in Multi-Platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) so any OS you have in your PC, Handbrake will run smoothly on top of it, enjoy.

How to use Handbrake to compress video in bulk

From menu choose Tools>Preferences>Output Files

Lossless Video Compression - How To Compress A Video
1. Change default path as required
2. On the File Format: fill with {source}-{title} all lower case otherwise it will not work correctly
3. MP4 File Extension: I choose Always use MP4, you can leave it unchanged if you want
Press Back.

batch videos converter - How To Compress A Video

Click Open Source button then choose Folder (Batch Scan).

Click drop down button Add to Queue and choose Add all

video file much smaller after compressed - How To Compress A Video

If you configured correctly it will show how many job in queue (15 in picture below) on button Show Queue
On the destination file you will also see the file given a title and file format correctly.

After this all set, you just need to press Start Encode button and wait until the process finish.

The result after using Handbrake

From 17.7GB to 1.7GB done by using Handbrake very easy. With this size I can burn the video files into 1 DVD disc and make 3 copy of them to be sent abroad. The video quality still good for human eyes.

See, how easy to  compress a video or a lot of videos using free software Handbrake. Have a nice try.

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