Top Rated Laptops

Top Rated Laptops 2017

How to pick the right laptop? This is one million question that often asked by people who will buy a laptop but not sure what they want or what they actually need. They even don’t know the difference between want and need.

If you want to spend money based on your need then you can continue read this article. However if you have unlimited money to spend and want the fastest laptop possible, the buy i7 processor, 64GB RAM and 1GB Solid state disk.

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Pick the highest hardware requirement for an application

If I being asked what type of laptop I will buy with my money I will first collect what application need to be run on the laptop. I will pick an application that require the highest hardware specification, then refer to it as a standard. Let say you need Ms. Office and Adobe Photoshop, then I will refer to Photoshop hardware requirement that need a better graphics card comparing to Ms. Office.

How many window opened at the same times

I also will consider how many windows need to be opened at the same time. I know several user that mainly using email and excel only but require high specification of laptop’s hardware. This is because they open up to twenty sometimes thirty excel files at the same time and open almost the same amount for emails. My suggestion for this type of user is minimum Processor i3, 8GB of RAM, 64 bit operating system, 500GB HD or 128GB SSD.

Processor Intel i3, 8GB memory (RAM) will enough to hold 20-30 opened windows at the same time with moderate speed. Operating system 64bit? If you have 4GB or more memory and you only use 32 bit operating system, your computer will only read maximum 2.94GB regardless of how big is physical memory installed.

Not only able to read memory more than 3GB, 64 bit operating system also able to execute transaction 2 times faster than 32 bit operating system. So go for 64 bit operating system for the best option. 8GB RAM or more needed as she open so many windows/process at the same time.

RAM will hold all this temporary as long as the process happen. When she close the file or email it will also release the RAM(memory). Hard disk 500GB or 128GB SSD, 500 GB is the minimum hard disk size available in the market at the moment.

If you want better speed use SSD (Solid state disk) 128GB is because the price about the same with 500GB hard disk. SSD have no mechanical movement, all electronic component with electronic speed.

Have no problem with shake or bump. Contrast with HDD (hard disk) that have spinning disk inside it where a tiny head try to read/write data onto the disk. Hard disk more vulnerable to shaking and bumping that will causing slow access and even cannot read/write when severe bumping happen.

Hard disk data also can be erased by very strong magnet field, while SSD have no effect.

Laptop Battery Life

Laptop is meant to be carry anywhere you go as with smartphone laptop with the longest battery life will draw many buyer including me. The longest the battery I life ever see is on Lenovo Thinkpad X240. The battery last up to 20 hours, yes twenty hours.

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Below is laptop buying guide from browsing laptop until animation laptop:

Choosing a laptop mainly for internet browsing

Pick the laptop that using lighter operating system like Chrome operating system. This operating system is perfect for internet browsing, you can choose low spec of hardware.

Choosing a laptop for office use

Office application laptop required low to medium hardware specification. I3, 2GB RAM, 500GB hard disk will be enough for this.

Choosing a laptop for playing games

Laptop for playing games require dedicated graphics card, the one that has processor to handle graphic. The motion of games will become smoother and your main processor task to handle graphic will be done by this graphic card processor.

Choosing a laptop for database programming

Laptop for database programming will need powerful processor and memory, i5-i7 processor is recommended for this type of job. 8-16GN of RAM is highly recommended.

Choosing a laptop for animation

Laptop for animation require the most hardware specification i7 processor, 32GB of RAM and dedicated graphic card. This is needed to render 3D animation.

How to Choose a Laptop for College

Choosing laptop for going to college is about the same specification with laptop for office use up to laptop use for animation depend on what major the student choose.

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