Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 Inch Review

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Lenovo Yoga Reviews 2015 – After uncertainty about whether my Lenovo Yoga tablet has a 3G or not, the day has come when the Lenovo Tablet delivered by courier. I bought this online under tablet with phone category but when i check on the details no 3G or SIM card mentioned at all. I chat with 2 different person from customer service and both said that my tablet will not equipped with 3G. I disappointed  and tried to cancel my order but they said that the Lenovo tab already on its way to my address, so the best I can do is to return it without opening the box when they arrived.

After 2 days waiting the Lenovo was received by my wife when I was working and when get home I curious to open the box from courier’s package (not the Lenovo box) to see whether i can see the specs from outside box of tablet. I am glad that i can found WCDMA on WWAN section, means they have 3G capabilities.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 Inch Review
Specs on the Lenovo’s box

Later I found from Lenovo Tablet’s manual that they have 3 version of Lenovo B6000 tablet:

Lenovo B6000-F;60043;Z0AF is WLAN version only
Lenovo B6000-H;60044;Z0AG is WLAN + 3G (data only). You can use tablet for browsing internet via 3G but cannot make a phone call.
Lenovo B6000-HV;60045;Z0AH is WLAN + 3G (Voice). You can connect to internet via 3G as well as make a phone call.

At first i wonder why Lenovo issue WLAN version only, but when i found that the manufactured date was in 2013 then i know why, and i know that my new device already 2 years old 🙁

Turn on the tablet and I try to update firmware, updating the firmware is easy but the size is 127MB (update it via WIFI). I am sure it will be many bug fixed during 2013 up to now 2015.

With price at IDR 2,499.000 or about USD 192 this tablet has many things i like and some i don’t like.

What I like from Lenovo Yoga:

1. 3G, telephone and SMS capable, this is perfect for me, I remember when I have to take out SIM card from iPhone and insert on a phone just to received SMS confirmation from a provider. This will not happen with this tablet. Although I might not often receive a call from a tablet, but when I need it, it always ready.

2. Processor, RAM and storage with quadcore 1.2 Ghz, RAM1GB and 16GB internal memory will be enough for my daily activity.

3. OS Android 4.2 Jellybean is the latest at 2013 and i can update it later to the next version of Android.

4. Battery is good, Lenovo Yoga B6000 came with 6000ah battery, this last to 2 days of normal usage. I don’t need to charge it every night.

5. Metal casing with tilt, and anti scratch display. Metal casing ( aluminium) make this tablet look sturdy, there is tilt that we can use to watch movie without have to buy special case, with this tilt we can make tablet standing in various places.

Lenovo Yoga 15 Review - Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 Inch Review
Lenovo downloading firmware
Reviews Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 - Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 Inch Review
Installing system update

What I don’t like:

1. Camera quality: with 5M rear camera and 1.6M front camera still not satisfied me. The color is not vivid enough, cannot capture moving object well and bad quality when not enough light in the room. When I tried to capture moving object the result is too blur for me.

2. Charging time: Although have longer battery life the charge time also longer, I want something that life longer with fast charging time.

3. GPS locking: Not as fast I have on Xiaomi Redmi 2  phone but still OK.

Full specs of Lenovo Yoga tablet is here: http://shop.lenovo.com/ae/en/tablets/lenovo/yoga/yoga-8/#tab-tech_specs

Lenovo community forum: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Android-Yoga-Series-Tablets/bd-p/lt01_en

Technical Specifications as i write this posting:

Model and versionModel: Lenovo B6000-F; 60043; Z0AFModel: Lenovo B8000-F; 60046; Z0AL
Version: WLANVersion: WLAN
*Model: Lenovo B6000-H; 60044; Z0AG*Model: Lenovo B8000-H; 60047; Z0AJ
*Version: WLAN + 3G (Data only)*Version: WLAN + 3G (Data only)
*Model: Lenovo B6000-HV; 60045; Z0AH
*Version: WLAN + 3G (Voice)
SystemAndroid 4.2
WeightApprox. 401 g *404 gApprox. 605 g *610 g
CPUMTK MT8125 Quad Core 1.2 Ghz
*MTK MT8389 Quad Core 1.2 GHz
Camera5 MP AF (back) + 1.6 MP HD (front)
Battery6000 mAh9000 mAh
DisplaySize: 8 inchesSize: 10.1 inches
Resolution: 1280 x 800Resolution: 1280 x 800
Wireless communicationBluetooth 4.0 WLAN 802.11 g/g/n GPS
note1. Actual product may differ
2. Launch with Android 4.2 which only supports BT 4.0 PXP profile

This is wrap up my Lenovo Yoga Review Tablet 8 Inch (B6000) and I hope now you can decide whether you will buy this tablet computer or not. With Pros and cons above overall I love this Lenovo tablet 🙂

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