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Apple TV Review – Have you ever heard about streaming media player? it is a device that can play anything by streaming it directly from the whatever web that you like. It can be connected to your television and also stream it through your Smartphone. For some people who have a good internet connection in their house, using it is a good option for them who love streaming videos, music, and movies.

Thus, here comes the newest innovation from Apple which is named Apple TV MD199LL/A. It is the newest product that is produced by Apple. Basically, this media player has the same function with the other media players. However, since the users of Apple Smartphone grow rapidly, this product gives many benefits for them, Apple products’ users.

This new product is quite easy to set up. It provides the player and two HDMI cables. It doesn’t take more times compared to the previous media players. Moreover, this device also has a wireless system that makes it can be connected with an internet connection. It means you do not have the other device to connect the internet to the media player, as long as you have home-internet connection. It makes you easier to stream anytime and anywhere.

Apple TV MD199LL/A

Even though it gives you limited channels, the AirPlay application on it still provide several free channels that can be watched anytime freely. This application also reduces the buffer effect in doing streaming which means the process of streaming will be as smooth as you expect. Compared to the other devices which usually takes some times to watch the whole video, this product is much faster for streaming.

Another benefit is for Apple Smartphone’s user, you can use it as remote which is connected directly to your media player. You also can stream anything from your Smartphone and play it practically through the apple TV.

Apple TV Cost - Apple TV MD199LL/A

However, the con of this product is you will not get the sophisticated of the product as good as Apple Smartphone’s users. Even though there is a manual remote that you can use, it is not as functional as using remote application on your I-Phone, I-pod, and I-pad. This product is especially useful if you use the Apple products in your home. There are a lot of applications that can support the Apple TV. This product also only provides a special HDMI cable to Apple products. For those who do not have apple products, you need to buy an addition HDMI cables separately.

Apple TV MD199LL whats in the box - Apple TV MD199LL/A

Thus, for you who love spending their weekends in your home with your family, having Apple TV will be a good option to watch some family movies. Moreover, for teenagers who love having a party with their friends, you don’t have to go to some music places. Just use this device, and add some additional speakers and subwoofers in your home.

Another good thing of purchasing this product, it is designed well which is looked elegant and stylish. It is also not as huge as the other streaming media players meaning you can place it wherever you want, such as on  the table, on your carpet, even stick it on the wall. It is quite practice rather than the big size ones. While the other ones can make your room full of property, it will not.

This product also almost the same with Mace, but this one is more limited in some functions. However, if you only want to do streaming by your iTunes the other webs, having Apple tv model md199ll/a is more than enough. Furthermore, the price is cheaper than Mac media player. So, still, this new innovation from Apple is still worth to buy. Apple md199ll/a TV official web

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