Bose Lifestyle V35 Home Theater System Review

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A home theater system is always an adorable addition to a home. It not only enhances the audio and video quality of a television, but also simplifies its use and its integration with various audio-video sources. Bose Lifestyle V35 Home Theater System is designed to fulfil these two purposes.

Its high-definition 5-speaker surround sound system is guaranteed to enhance the audio-video quality of your home theater system and its support to 6 video sources makes it a perfect system for simplifying the integration of all entertainment devices at your home.

Bose V35 Design

A home theater system is expected to be colossal and monstrous, right? Wrong. At the time home theater system began to become a trend, people indeed favored a gigantic system that could truly show off. Today, however, as this system has become common, people start to consider performance better than appearance: David beat Goliath, right?

Bose Lifestyle V35 home theater system doesn’t offer swaggering gigantic speakers that will cramp your room, but its speakers, despite their exceptionally petite design, include 4 Jewel Cube speakers and one central channel speaker that can truly blow your ear. The tiny design of this home theater system will not only maintain the clean and roomy atmosphere of your room, but also offer performance that you can hardly imagine.

Bose Lifestyle V35 Home Theater

Bose Lifestyle V35 Performance

A home theater system is expected to be monstrous, but this is in terms of performance, right? Despite its tiny design, it is guaranteed to offer top performance in delivering audio-video experience in your room. Audio-wise, this system offers the best audio performance through its revolutionary audio calibration system and its five state-of-the-art speakers.

Its ADAPTiQ audio calibration system adjusts the performance of its speakers to match the dimension of your room for the purpose of delivering the best surround system in your room. Its five speakers consisting of 4 Jewel Cube speakers and one central speaker fill your entire room with surround sound and offer immersive audio-video enjoyment when watching television and movies, hearing your favorite music, and playing your favorite games. This home theater system also offers top video performance with its HDMI connection. With four available HDMI connections, it will deliver the best possible image quality to your television from all of your video sources.

Bose v35 docking - Bose Lifestyle V35 Home Theater

Bose Lifestyle V35 Connectivity

This home theater system supports connection to all contemporary audio and video sources available today. It can connect to your optical disk players, game consoles and cable box through its 6 high-def video connection slots, which include 4 HDMI and two component video slots. Switching between connections is as easy as pressing a button on its dedicated remote control. The Unify technology that Bose includes in this home theater system truly turns connectivity problem into a very simple and easy issue to deal with.

This home theater system also includes iPhone/iPod dock that allows you stream all pictures, music and videos in your gadget to your television with little hassle. Simply put your device on the dock and with simple setup, everything that you have in the device will appear on your television screen.

If you are a radio enthusiast, you will love to use this home theater system as it also includes an AM/FM tuner. Just like most functions of this system, its radio tuning function can also be controlled remotely with its remote control.

Bose v35 ports rear view - Bose Lifestyle V35 Home Theater


If you are looking for a home theater system that doesn’t cramp your room but is capable to deliver the best possible audio and video quality, Bose Lifestyle V35 Home Theater System should be your best choice. Its audio calibration system adapts to the dimension of your room excellently and its connectivity features make it a versatile system that allows you to enjoy all of your audio-video devices with ease and full excitement.

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