Bitcoin Price 29 September 2017 (Chart)

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Today (29 Sep 2017) I see top reversal signal from Bitcoin (BTC) chart on bittrex market. This means in several days ahead the price will likely going down.

There are 2 indicator that I can see in this chart:

1. Hanging man candlestick pattern

Hanging man in Candlestick chart if the position is in the top then it indicate the direction will change, usually this is early sign, so the price direction change may change several days ahead.

2. Fibonacci 61.8% retracement (the golden ratio)

Fibonacci number are exist anywhere in our life, it also appears in trading chart. Fibonacci retracement 61.8% is important number.

btc 29 Sep 2017

That’s it, my indicator is simple, let see what happen in the several days. The target price is about $3500. BTC current price is about $4200.

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