Bao Feng UV-5R Dual Radio Review

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Bao Feng UV-5R Review – Dual Radio is widely needed for every occasion. It is often used outdoors so it is necessary to find one with good quality. If you are looking for good dual radio with an addition of affordable price, Bao Feng UV-5R is the perfect product for you. The handset is made with strong materials. Weighing less than one pound and 4 inches thick, it is very comfortable to held and suitable to use in any kind of conditions.

Bao Feng UV-5R Dual Radio

Bao Feng UV-5R Best Features

The first best feature of this dual radio is the long lifespan battery. A high quality lithium battery is included in the package. Mostly the battery will last up to twelve hours, but it can even be operated for more than a day with moderate usage.

The two colors of screen display is very comfortable to read. This bright color also helps to read the screen at night or under poor lighting. Most importantly, the voice is clear and the noise level is low, so communication will definitely run well using this dual radio. Unlike most dual radio out there, Bao Feng UV-5R has built-in flashlight that can save you in emergency situation.

bao feng uv-5r2 accessories - Bao Feng UV-5R Dual Radio

This dual radio can keep up to 128 programmable channel memories and has 4 watts frequency range. In the package, you will get USB cable that is essential to program the radio, car adapter to increase your mobility, and also antenna and microphone that you can choose whether you want to use or not for your convenience. The antenna can expand the reach up to 10 miles.

Scanning for channel slow

Unfortunately, scanning for channels is slightly slow and programming can be difficult if you are inexperienced. Try to avoid programming using the keypad since it can be too complicated. Instead, use the USB cable and software to program it more easily.

Even if you don’t understand the included programming guide, you can easily find more understandable instruction everywhere in the internet. But overall, this product has nice features for this price range and those negative sides are not deal breakers.

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Last but not least, the price definitely makes this dual radio more interesting. It is two to three times cheaper compared to other similar products. If you need to buy this product in even more cheaper price, you can consider buying second hand product. It is very sturdy and well-built, so you don’t have to worry about the quality even when you buy second hand product. For a very affordable price, Bao Feng UV-5R Dual Radio offers all the good features we need from a dual radio.

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