Arlo Smart Home Security (VMS3230) by NETGEAR- A Review

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The security of your home is very important. A home with high security will not only protect your valuable belongings. It will also protect your loved ones. One of the ways to make your home more secure is that by having security camera system. If you do not have it at the moment, you must start looking around for high quality surveillance camera. One of the security camera systems that worth your consideration is Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System. This wireless surveillance camera system is perfect for indoor and outdoor surveillance.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System features

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera provides you with high quality 720 pixel videos. It is easy to set up. In consequence, homeowners do not need to hire technician to install it. This security camera system is expandable. If you think that a security camera system with two surveillance cameras is not enough for you, you can add more camera as you want. This system can support up to 5 surveillance cameras. Having this wire-free security camera system will save you from ugly cords. Therefore, your interior and exterior will be as beautiful as before.

Arlo security camera system is loaded with great features. One of them is night vision feature. This HD camera will provide you with clear and sharp image even when it is in the dark. This wireless camera can be connected to various devices. You can connect it with your PCs, Smartphones, and Tablets. Therefore, you can watch recorded or live streamed videos from your favorite device. To access the videos on your smartphone, you must download the Arlo app first. It is free and very easy. To store your recorded videos, Arlo gives you 1 GB free Cloud storage.

Arlo Smart Home Security VMS3230

Another great thing about this surveillance camera system is that it is weatherproof. That’s why it is suitable for outdoor use. You can install it around your gate or porch without worrying that sun, rain, and moisture will damage it. One of the best features of this security camera system is the motion alert features. You can customize this camera so that when you activate this feature, you will get e-mail or app notification each time it sense motions or activities.

The surveillance camera from Arlo is pretty small. It is smaller than your palm. The dimension is 4.77 x 11.62 x 9.26 inches. When you buy this security camera system, you will find almost anything to install it on your own. Inside the box, there are 2 HD surveillance cameras, power adapter and home base station, a window decal, two magnetic mounts, 2 screws, batteries, and Ethernet cable.

To get optimum video result, you must install it properly. It is recommended for you to install it 7 ft above the floor. And you must aim the camera slightly down. The range of the motion sensor is between 5 ft and 20 ft from the camera. Therefore, you must make sure that you install it at the right area.

What others say about this security camera?

This product gets 4 stars on average. Almost 50% of users love this camera. They gave 5 stars for the Arlo security camera. More than 20% of users gave it 4 stars. Most users are happy with this security camera system. They said that this product is very easy to install. They can set it up easily and the manual is easy to follow. Some of them are not happy with the life of the battery. The battery life is affected by the setting. If you want to have high quality image, then you must be satisfied with shorter battery life.

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