Apple iPod Nano MD477LL/A Review

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Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation

If you are a fan of Apple products you must be very familiar with the iPod Nano series. The leading innovation in mobile music player has entered its seventh generation this year and the newest addition of iPod Nano family has a lot to offer. The newest iPod Nano comes in a wide range of bright colors and there are also many additional accessories you can add to the mobile music player.

  1. Product Specification

There are many improvements with this seventh generation of iPod Nano. One of them being it featuring a highly sensitive touchscreen so that you can easily use it to navigate around the device. The multi touch display is also larger, now it is 2.5 inch with 240 x 432 pixels that will make the display so much smoother to the eye and it is also considered the thinnest iPod ever with only 5.4 mm thickness. You can play your favorite songs, browse the songs based on genre, listen to podcasts, and also listen to the Radio. It is also a perfect workout partner since it can track the steps you take, the miles you walk or run and the calories you burn. Connect it to Nike+ and you can also challenge your friends. Moreover, the newest iPod Nano also has Bluetooth connection that can connect it to speakers, headphones, or cars. The device has capacity of 16 gigabytes and can play music up to 30 hours. It can also be connected to your Mac or PC.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are asking whether or not the newest iPod Nano supports Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, the answer is no, so you cannot download music directly into your iPod that you store on your iTunes account through the internet. To be able to listen to the music inside the iPod Nano, you will have to move your music directly from your computers into the iPod. People also asked how many music you can store inside the 16 gigabytes capacity of the iPod Nano. Fir sixteen gigabytes, you can store up to three thousand or four thousand songs, all depends on what other things you store inside the iPod since you can also store photos and videos there. Some people also asked whether or not the iPod Nano comes with a charger. The answer is no, once again. It comes with a cable but you have to buy the plug separately.

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