5 Awesome Features in Skype for Business We Use Every day in The Office

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Skype for business is a Skype version for collaboration in a company to enhance team work and productivity. Skype for business loaded with a lot of features that we can use in everyday activity. Skype for Business is part of Office 365 although we can install it independently.
Below are some features we usually use in our company, we will not talk all features in Skype for Business but we will cover the most useful and frequent features we use every day in the office.

1. Instant Messaging / Chatting

This is the most common communication used among employee within organization. Instant Messaging is more casual than email. Instant messaging usually held between people although we can add more people to the conversation by pressing plus button. We still have chat history we can retrieve later in case we need.

Features In Skype For Business

We can access chat history from conversation tab (clock icon).

Chat history also accessible under Conversation History folder in outlook 2016 (office365). So if you are using another version of outlook and cannot find conversation history, you still can access it in Skype for business.

chat history in SFB - Features In Skype For Business
Chat history in SFB


chat history in outlook - Features In Skype For Business
Chat history in outlook
chat history in outlook2 - Features In Skype For Business
chat history in outlook 2

Sending file
While chatting with co-worker we can send them file by pressing the send file button.

2. Remote presentation or remote user with their PC (Remote Control)

There are times when we need to show others what we do in our desktop or we need to show them a power point presentation. We can easily do this within Skype for Business. While on chat window click Present Icon, from there we can choose many option but the one we usually do is Present Desktop.

launching present desktop - Features In Skype For Business

3. Scheduling Video conference meeting

Because our location scattered in the UK and Asia many times we are using Skype for business for video conference meeting. Scheduling a meeting is easy, open your calendar from outlook

calendar in outlook - Features In Skype For Business

Click new appointment and you will below window.

new appointment - Features In Skype For Business

Press Join Skype Meeting button and Skype for business will create special link that can be used to join the meeting by participants.

Skype meeting - Features In Skype For Business

The easier way is to hover the cursor on user photo, there will be option with icons, click the 3 dot icon and choose schedule a meeting.

hover curson on user picture - Features In Skype For Business

To receive Skype call meeting is easy, just click Join Skype Meeting link and you will connect to the online meeting. You can use headset, internal mic and speaker in the laptop, Skype phone like Polycom VVX 201, or PSTN phone.
If you want to receive from phone, just dial the toll number provided by the meeting invitation, after connected, key in you conference ID that you can find from the same page.

4. Calling to landline phone number

Calling landline number from Skype for Business is a paid feature. Our office pays GBP 24 per month for every person who require this feature. You will receive personal number so you can also be called from landline phone.

dial landline number - Features In Skype For Business
Install Skype for Business in your iPhone/iPad or android smartphone will give you flexibility to always connected with your team.

To download Skype for business in Apple Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/skype-for-business-formerly-lync-2013/id605841731?mt=8

to download from Playstore for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.office.lync15&hl=en
Skype for business can be installed and logged on several devices, I logged on from computer, smartphone and hard phone simultaneously without problem. I even can dial from smartphone and picked up from hard phone using single credential.

5. Communicate with Skype users from Skype for Business

Initially our users think that they can only communicate with users within organization. This is not true we still can communicate with users outside organization using Skype. To add external user choose add a contact not in my organization and choose Skype

add external contact - Features In Skype For Business

Type their Skype name, phone number or email address. If we search by name usually will come with a lot of result, to avoid this you can search by email.

add external contact - Features In Skype For Business

There is still a lot of features we can explore with Skype for Business but at least these are featured we use every day. Hope this post will useful to you.

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